Archive 2012

DECEMBER 23, 2012
Evidence-Based Medicine. link
DECEMBER 9, 2012
EU Project CAMbrella. link
DECEMBER 9, 2012
Prof. Witt: Costs and cost-effectiveness of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. link
NOVEMBER 3, 2012
Proceedings of the XXVI GIRI Symposium. link
OCTOBER 10, 2012
Kaptchuk et al.: Placebos without Deception. link
OKTOBER 9, 2012
EU CAM Conference. link
APRIL 30, 2012
Thieves: Experimental criteria for homeopathic basic research. link
MARCH 24, 2012
Gründling et al.: Real life effect of classical homeopathy in the treatment of allergies: A multicenter prospective observational study. link
MARCH 24, 2012
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Frass: Quality of life in cancer patients. link